My name is David Whiddon I am 21 Years old and I live in Sydney Australia. I have been interested in 3d modeling since 2002. I started 3D modeling with the program Bryce and Poser, but quickly realised the limitations of both programs. I have been using 3D Studio Max for 2 years now and am completely self taught with the aid of online tutorials and my own curiousity.

* I am currently a moderator on the 3D website 3D Where I moderate the posts on the forums as well as running the competitions.

* I have produced some 3D art assets for InCharacter Studios, who are an independant games development company located in the USA.

* I am a keen snowboarder, have been going every year since 2000. I love all kinds of extreme sports, to either watch or participate in.

* I have completed a Diploma of Mulitmedia Integration at the Academy of IT in Sydney. To see my results please go to my home page

Please Click Here to download my resume. If you would like to know more please send me an e-mail, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo of David Whiddon aka eagle4